Within SuperMaMa we are interested in exploring

  • Cryogenic quantum detector technology for low energy ions and neutral biomolecules.
  • Integrated cryogenic electronics for improved detector scalability.
  • Continuous high mass filters for mass spectrometry.
  • New avenues in the synthesis of tailored tags for photochemistry.
  • Ultra-fast control of biomolecules via gas-phase photocleavage for neutralization and ionization.

 Registration for the SuperMaMa Webinar

This first webinar will introduce the research pursued by the European SuperMaMa Consortium, to invite further discussions and collaborations with the international community.

When: May 21st 15-17.15h CET

Where: Registered users will receive a ZOOM link, the week prior to the meeting

Agenda of the Meeting

The seminar is open and free to all colleagues in academia and industry with research interests in these fields.

Please register here: